Monday, February 28, 2011

Something Special

I have been listening to a lot of Will Downing lately.  He is one of my favorite artists! His music has a message, mostly about love.  I wanted to share one of my favorites with you.....make sure you listen to the words....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

To My Bestie.....

I can't believe that I have blogged in 4 months, well yes I can! LOL I am not a writer like Raven or Thelma (my Bestie) so that's my excuse.  My last blog was written right before I went to OSR-Old School Reunion at IU.  OSR is held during Homecoming Weekend and the activties are geared toward the Minority Students.  *Side Note* Thanks Ruben for making it a yearly event! It was also the last OSR that I will spend with my Bestie! I wrote her a letter last week and I FINALLY have the strength to share it! I love u Tee and you knew that! We ended our conversations with : I love you Bestie! <3
Tee....I am not ready for this at all.  I know there is a reason, but I don't know it yet and am I am not ready to know.  I keep playing CSI with this...trying to look for signs that you were ill or trying to say good-bye.  You have been a daily part of my life since I met you in 1987 at IU.  We have shared so many memories. I remember how the Police came to our door every other day because we played NWA loud as ever! The best memory was when your water broke on the damn couch!! I started crying and called my Grandma.  After she told me to hang up the phone and help you, I asked you what was I supposed to do! You said do something, but yo black ass betta boil no damn water!!  Laughing thru tears at that one.  The guy that I told you about, I'm keeping him just like you told me to do! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITHOUT U??  Don't worry about the boys...I mean the twins, I keep forgetting they are grown....They know that their TT Gen got them and so does everyone else. I know you're saying put the damn pen down with your ole sentimental ass! :) Even though I am the crier in our circle of girlfriends, I promise to be strong for them! Especially your Twin.....I love you Bestie~ <3

Thelma Herlena Shaw
April 23, 1969-February 12, 2011

I promise to write in my blog more, Tee.........