Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My BUT is big.....

Disclaimer: Oh no! I have missed my weekly promise. I was on vacation last week. I took my laptop, but I just didn't blog. Yes, I know, no excuse...I am going to stay true to this blogging as a promise to my Bestie. With that being said, I have to birth 2 posts this week.  :)

I went to a conference last year (Women's Entrepreneurs of America's Annual Conference) and I heard various presentations. One of them involved procrastination and a but rock. Yes a but rock! For all of you dirty minded individuals, a but rock is a rock with the word but on it. HUH??? We place things in our lives on hold for various reasons, for example, I was going to blog last week BUT I was on vacation. Or, I might say I was going to finish up some paperwork BUT I had to do something else. I have another example, I was going to announce that I was an Independent Sales Diva for Good Scents Oils BUT I decided to wait. Now that I am starting to think about some things, I realize that my BUT is getting big! #wait4it  These tasks could have easily been accomplished! The take away from the presentation was to stop putting so many tasks under the but rock and just complete them. So here goes, I have completed one of my 2 blog goals for the week, I have caught up my paperwork and.....

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Monday, June 6, 2011


Disclamer: Well....well....well.....What we have here is a failure to blog! I keep promising myself and my followers that I am going to do better with this. Alright, I am promising again. How about 4 times a month, which is equivalent to once a week. I'm sure that I can manage that. :)

It has started out to be a beautiful Spring, even though we are experiencing Summer-like weather.  The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the sun dresses are on and the natives are getting restless! (insider)Yesterday, Pastor Thompson told us to leave last month's stuff in last month......See Ya May!! I'm looking forward to this month and next and the next and so on...I'm sure you get the point. So far, the month of July is booked. I have plans for every weekend. Imagine that...well maybe you shouldn't. LMBO! I am so excited yet sad that my Bestie has her wings and she won't be here physically for the ride. I know she will be in spirit though. :) A few of my girlfriends and myself have experienced some tribulations and life experiences over the last couple of years that might have broke some people all the way down and out...but not us! We are back....this is our year of restoration and our summer for doing US!!  We deserve it.....See you somewhere this summer!

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