Monday, November 28, 2011

Kiss Kiss

I haven't been blogging at all. But today, I got some "subliminal motivation" from a FB friend. Thanks Nik!! So here goes....and I am back, Boo!

Another holiday has come and gone.....but another one is just a few weeks away. And no I am not talking about Christmas, I am speaking of my birthday!! My birthday is December 18th, seven days before Christmas. Growing up as only child, my parents made sure that the two days were separate.....a tradition that I FIRMLY BELIEVE IN even now. :) I haven't the slighted idea of what I want to do or wear. I guess I need to get on that ASAP. I do believe that I am celebrating later on in the month with a group party. I will keep you posted. One thing for certain that I will be doing during my birthday weekend is helping to give back @ Lynch's Coat Drive. Be a blessing and you will be blessed. Each One Reach One and Teach One!
Now on to some matters of the is an extremely interesting concept. What does it actually mean?? Some people feel that it is over-rated, I don't. You just have to know when to keep it moving. I have seen too many people try to breathe live into a dead relationship, including myself. If it doesn't work out, then kiss harm no foul. I would consider myself an NON traditional dater. I don't mind taking a guy every now and then. I know somebody is SMDH with that one. But nevertheless, I don't mind. Now don't get me wrong, there aren't guys beating my door down to take me that's another topic for another day.....So until the next time... KISS KISS!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bringing It Back

Aha! I made it with the No Pop Challenge....32 days! I haven't been drinking any pop consistently, just one every 3 or 4 days. I made it and thanks to all who gave me support!!

Some team members from Good Scents Oils, a lady from my church and her family and myself participated in the Making Strides Walk for Breast Cancer a few weeks ago. It was hot!! As many of you know, I was a letter carrier for 10 years, so I thought that walking 5K~3miles was nothing. I figured that I could do it without being in shape and just walking around the neighborhood that morning. Well, let me tell you....I WAS NOT READY!!! We tried to do half the walk and Tammy who is older than the 4 of us that were walking together, to us to keep walking and keep it moving! So, I did as I was told!! We had a good time hanging out and for a good cause. My calves and hip were hurting afterwards. No comments please.....I realized that Sunday afternoon, after a hot bath and some food...that I am out of shape. Now mind you, I was 95 pounds when I graduated from Velt in 87....110 when I graduated from IU in 91 and now I am 190 which is the same amount I weighed when I had my last child. I know that I need to eat better and workout or something. I think I might sign up for Zumba~remember that I said might! Seriously, I do need to do something and quick. Get the hell out of here....what am I talking about....I have to get my sexy back and soon. Not only my sexy, but just getting back in shape for my health.  My birthday is in 2 months-December me you will here more about it...I plan on wearing a form fitting dress without my BODY MAGIC!! Now should I have a party or get surprised? Hmmm.......*smooches for now*

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time to Let it Go.....

On Sunday 09/04-I saw a childhood friend's husband FB post about participating in a 30 day No Pop Challenge. Since I had already had 2 Pepsi's by then, starting was out. The next day was the Labor Day. I pondered over and over...should I, could I?? My favorite drink....give it up for 30 days? Hmmm might as well try it. The first day was very brutal. I had a headache-true story-for about 4 hours. Wow!! Did that mean that I was addicted to them??  Probably so, since I usually have 3 or 4 a day. I am glad to say that I am in Day 9 and I am doing great!! This is the most water that I have drank in a long time. I know that I might have an occasional can after this is over, but not as much as before. 21 down and counting......

In other news....(I love to say that)......I love football and my team is the Indianapolis Colts! I actually have some knowledge about the game and not just the meaning of a touchdown. Frequently, I am asked why I like the Colts instead of the Bears. Well, first of all, I like who I like and why does it matter??? LBVS Most people tell me that Indianapolis and the Governor care nothing about NW Indiana, so why support them? Uhhhh...should I dislike people from Indy too? I'll wait. Any who, for the gazillioneth time, I started watching football when I attended IU Bloomington and the team in the area was the Colts. I have been a fan and following them every since.  I even had a guy that I was dating to always challenge my "fandom" and ask me trivia questions....I hope he reads this...LMBO! I don't feel the urgency of inquiring about why I like who I like. It shows my uniqueness. And to my follower Delwyn, you are excused concerning your question this morning! SMILE

With that being said...Go Colts Go!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Inconvenienced? Nope.....

Yesterday, my electricity went off during the storm.  During the "darkness"~lol~I had time to do some quiet thinking.  At first, my initial reaction was that I was going to be inconvenienced for the evening without being able to eat some warm food, text or talk when my battery died on my phone, watch TV or get on FB (yes, I'm addicted too!! LOL) I lit a Cherry Blossom candle and talked with my daughters.  We laughed about some things and had some serious conversations as well.  I saw that it was starting to get late, so we blew out the candle and said Goodnight. As I lay in the bed, my mind starting to drift.  I thought about my INCONVENIENCES....
Warm food-We had already eaten dinner, so my children and I were full. 
Text or Talk-I have another phone who's battery was fully charged, so I could just switch the SIM card if necessary and use it.
Watch TV-Nothing was on anyway last night that I couldn't catch in re-reruns.
Get on FB-I can always play catch up and read the notifications.
So when you get right down to it, I wasn't inconvenienced at all. Maybe that was God's way of slowing us down to spend some quiet and quality time together! I am appreciative for that time last night.....BTW, our power was restored at midnight~I couldn't go back to sleep. The last look at the clock was 2:30 AM, needless to say I am sleepy!! ~Spread love~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Life

Yes...yes...It is I, the "prodigal blogger"! I know have not lived up to my end of the blogging deal that I made. So...I gottta catch up. Is it hot where you are? It is blazing in the 219. I love it though. I am a fan of hot weather.  I hate the snow, cold and ice...except for December18th-my birthday! This month has been a whirlwind of activities for me and my friends. From our class' fundraiser, parties in between, to the Kappa Konclave in Indianapolis....I was a tad bit tired.  However, it was really good to see some people that I have not seen in 20 plus years! I ran into an old friend...literally ran into him. As we were walking in the lobby of the hotel. He stopped my friend and I did a a double take. I spoke with later that next week and and we talked for is strange like that.  You'll be hearing more about him...... ;)

I listened in on WEA's radio show and listened to the testimony of Bebe Barlow, a double Breast Cancer Survivor. It got me to thinking about my Grandma who was a Survivor also. I decided to form a team and walk in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk for them and numerous others who have been affected by this disease in any way.  You too can help by joining my team or making a donation. Just click the link below.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My BUT is big.....

Disclaimer: Oh no! I have missed my weekly promise. I was on vacation last week. I took my laptop, but I just didn't blog. Yes, I know, no excuse...I am going to stay true to this blogging as a promise to my Bestie. With that being said, I have to birth 2 posts this week.  :)

I went to a conference last year (Women's Entrepreneurs of America's Annual Conference) and I heard various presentations. One of them involved procrastination and a but rock. Yes a but rock! For all of you dirty minded individuals, a but rock is a rock with the word but on it. HUH??? We place things in our lives on hold for various reasons, for example, I was going to blog last week BUT I was on vacation. Or, I might say I was going to finish up some paperwork BUT I had to do something else. I have another example, I was going to announce that I was an Independent Sales Diva for Good Scents Oils BUT I decided to wait. Now that I am starting to think about some things, I realize that my BUT is getting big! #wait4it  These tasks could have easily been accomplished! The take away from the presentation was to stop putting so many tasks under the but rock and just complete them. So here goes, I have completed one of my 2 blog goals for the week, I have caught up my paperwork and.....

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