Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bringing It Back

Aha! I made it with the No Pop Challenge....32 days! I haven't been drinking any pop consistently, just one every 3 or 4 days. I made it and thanks to all who gave me support!!

Some team members from Good Scents Oils, a lady from my church and her family and myself participated in the Making Strides Walk for Breast Cancer a few weeks ago. It was hot!! As many of you know, I was a letter carrier for 10 years, so I thought that walking 5K~3miles was nothing. I figured that I could do it without being in shape and just walking around the neighborhood that morning. Well, let me tell you....I WAS NOT READY!!! We tried to do half the walk and Tammy who is older than the 4 of us that were walking together, to us to keep walking and keep it moving! So, I did as I was told!! We had a good time hanging out and for a good cause. My calves and hip were hurting afterwards. No comments please.....I realized that Sunday afternoon, after a hot bath and some food...that I am out of shape. Now mind you, I was 95 pounds when I graduated from Velt in 87....110 when I graduated from IU in 91 and now I am 190 which is the same amount I weighed when I had my last child. I know that I need to eat better and workout or something. I think I might sign up for Zumba~remember that I said might! Seriously, I do need to do something and quick. Get the hell out of here....what am I talking about....I have to get my sexy back and soon. Not only my sexy, but just getting back in shape for my health.  My birthday is in 2 months-December me you will here more about it...I plan on wearing a form fitting dress without my BODY MAGIC!! Now should I have a party or get surprised? Hmmm.......*smooches for now*