Monday, August 8, 2011

Inconvenienced? Nope.....

Yesterday, my electricity went off during the storm.  During the "darkness"~lol~I had time to do some quiet thinking.  At first, my initial reaction was that I was going to be inconvenienced for the evening without being able to eat some warm food, text or talk when my battery died on my phone, watch TV or get on FB (yes, I'm addicted too!! LOL) I lit a Cherry Blossom candle and talked with my daughters.  We laughed about some things and had some serious conversations as well.  I saw that it was starting to get late, so we blew out the candle and said Goodnight. As I lay in the bed, my mind starting to drift.  I thought about my INCONVENIENCES....
Warm food-We had already eaten dinner, so my children and I were full. 
Text or Talk-I have another phone who's battery was fully charged, so I could just switch the SIM card if necessary and use it.
Watch TV-Nothing was on anyway last night that I couldn't catch in re-reruns.
Get on FB-I can always play catch up and read the notifications.
So when you get right down to it, I wasn't inconvenienced at all. Maybe that was God's way of slowing us down to spend some quiet and quality time together! I am appreciative for that time last night.....BTW, our power was restored at midnight~I couldn't go back to sleep. The last look at the clock was 2:30 AM, needless to say I am sleepy!! ~Spread love~

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